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Branded electronic accessories for computers

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Historia y antecedentes de la empresa

Our company was founded in 2016, since then we've been focusing on selling high quality, branded OEM and well-designed computer consumables. Our principal customers were Apple Stores, with whom we had a previous relationship working with. We rapidly increased our portfolio and we introduced other complements for Apple computers specially.

During the past years the company has shown a substantial volume in sales (>€250K on 2020). After the adquistion of the larger customers last year (mid 2021) and covid, resulted in a decrease in sales and the urge of moving the business online, figures are growing again with a realistic potential of > 500K-1M, just by the actual porfolio of products owned. And with an average of marge between 40 to 70%. 

Actividades de la empresa

We have established on different e-commerces, setting up different markteplaces: Amazon in Spain (but also France, Italy, Germany Turkey, and UK), Madiamarkt (Spain) and our website (Shopify) 

We have been optimising our store conversions, providing email automations, content amplification, amazon Ads, Facebook/instagram ads, SEO and Retargeting. We also make upsells/cross sells, promotions, Amazon reviews/testimonials, offers, etc.

The eCommerce ecosystem that we developed is continuosly improving, and all of these campaigns are happening simultaneously. Dynamically connected and linked together to create an automated growth engine.

Traffic goes to various offers and sites pages... promotions are amplified troughtout the content creation which then generates traffic... which in turn triggers an email sequence etc.

Each campaign is designed to make money, if set up well, it's hugely profitable. 



Puntos de venta únicos

The business runs basically in Amazon Spain, which represents 90% of the actual sales, and is completely set up in different countries all around Europe. We still have a relationship with some Apple Premium Resellers, that sell our products on their website. 

Additionally, our social media accounts on Facebook and Instagram are very well set up, pixels, and ad accounts linked to our Shopify website allows users to pay directly by using their social media accounts whitout having to go out of them.


This is a huge opportunity for an investor that is interested on big margins, and focus to sell  branded high-designed computer consumables on the best eCommerce, with high potential to expand sales and revenue all around the world.