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Want a lift to be your own boss?

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The company is one of the world's leading manufacturers of vacuum lifters for contractors and the construction industry worldwide. We develop and produce lifting equipment in Denmark and we have been able to sell worldwide through a network of independent distributors who only sell the product range from the company. Vacuum lifters from the company optimise and streamline customers' daily workflow and protect employees from physical injury. You can become a sole distributor of the product range from the company in your own sales area. You will establish your own company and the company will inject 10 % of the start capital. As an independent partner, you will be regularly trained and there will be an annual follow-up in Denmark. Parallel with this, we will support you with catalogues, website and technical support. Send us your CV and a description of why you would like to be a partner and establish an independent company. Please also tell us which sales area you would like. Reactions please in English or Danish.