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Selling a business is a big and important step. Bizalia.com can act as your online cooperation partner to find the perfect buyer for your company. We have been active since 2002 and since our establishment, we have grown to become the largest business acquisition website in Europe.

Why an advertisement?

  • An advertisement on Bizalia.com is 100% anonymous at all times
  • Direct and fast contact with interested parties
  • Personal approach from us to guide you as well as possible
  • Your advertisement will be extensively discussed with you by our professionals before being placed online You will receive professional help with the preparation of your ad text 
  • A cheap alternative to find interested parties
  • Your company is exposed in the largest company takeover network in Spain
  • Your company is brought to the attention of our newsletter subscribers 
  • Your advertisement is constantly matched with related advertisements in our system 
  • Your company will be recorded on our homepage for at least 1 day and placed on Social Media 
  • You are in the picture with all major players in the takeover country


Still not convinced? You are of course not the first to look for a buyer through us. We hereby also like to point out our 9/10 customer score that we receive from our users.

Questions or more information?

For questions or more information you can always contact us on telephone number 972 098 952.
You can also send an email to info@bizalia.com or send an app to 615 428 674. We are happy to help you!