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About us

Bizalia.com effectively matches supply and demand of companies and we do it successfully and on a large scale. To connect our main page visitors - entrepreneurs (starters) and advisers - in a free and accessible way, we have created this interesting platform. The only limitation is the asking price, which must be more than €100,000 on our website. 
Quality is our main motivation. We always contact users before publishing their profile online. We go through the text and we help with editing. Everyone who reacts to a profile receives a reaction within two weeks from the owner of the profile. We speak to our advertisers often, so we know our website is up to date.
International community
The focus of Bizalia.com is on SME in Spain. In addition, we also have platforms in other countries, such as Bedrijventekoop.nl for the Netherlands, Bedrijventekoop.be and Societesavendre.be for Belgium and Firmenzukaufen.de for Germany. All together, we reach a large portion of the total (international) market.
Facts and figures
  • An average of 75,000 visitors each month
  • 5,000 views and 12 reactions per profile
  • 500 new profiles every month
  • Weekly newsletter with the newest profiles to 20,000 addresses
  • Registered database with people looking for a company to buy
  • 45% of our profiles are successfully sold/purchased
  • Every profile is anonymous on our website
  • Forward and backward matching of your profiles

Bizalia (Bryte Communication S.L.)
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