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Flex Process Manager

nº del anuncio insertado Sector clase de empresa
59659 19-03-2019 Servicios Trabajo temporal
Población forma de transacción Número de empleados superficie (m2)
Europa Venta de acciones Más de 500 sin relevancia
volumen de ventas del ultimo ejercicio resultado antes de imp. precio de compra-venta forma jurídica
más de € 5.000.000 más de € 1,000,000 € 2,500,000 - € 5,000,000 S.L.

Founded in 1999, the company has become a major player in the food sector. Strong in innovations. With over 20 office workers (including a management team), the company has outgrown its first phase.

This employment agency is actually part of the organizations they work for, not that they hold office with the customer, but they take over the personnel planning and sourcing in a large part. The temporary staff are generally living and integrated labourforces in the Netherlands, who, after a period of work with this organisation, often switch to the customer. The Flex Process company is just as dependent on its large customers, as the customers are dependent on the Flex Process company.

There are 600 to 800 temporary workers employed.

There is a very close cooperation with the customers, the entering into partnerships can be the next step and that is what the current owner wants to be involved in, but not manage. Furthermore, the owner is convinced of the possibilities of a nationwide rollout of the concept. There are opportunities for the larger employment groups in different geographically area's and different kinds of labour.

Not a temporary agency, but an innovative process manager. The remuneration for the services still takes place traditionally, but there is sufficient reason to grow together with the customers to other business models and to bring the Organization to a new dimension.

Ebitda over €1.500.000,-

Enterprise Value €10.500.000,- 7 times EBITDA because of the special brand and the possibilities to cut cost.