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Trade and processing of light metals

nº del anuncio insertado Sector clase de empresa
59629 11-12-2018 Mayoristas Mayorista
Población forma de transacción Número de empleados superficie (m2)
Europa Activos / Pasivos 5-10 sin relevancia
volumen de ventas del ultimo ejercicio resultado antes de imp. precio de compra-venta forma jurídica
€ 1,000,000 - € 2,500,000 más de € 1,000,000 € 1,000,000 - € 2,500,000 S.L.

Purchase Property
As part of an asset deal, or alternatively as part of a share deal, a company active in the trading and processing of light metals is for sale. The company is based in Baden-Württemberg. The sales area currently covers mainly southern Germany.
The property used by the company is rented. The tenancy is to be taken over.
The company has been successful in the market for over 20 years and enjoys an excellent reputation.
The products are of high quality and located in the middle price segment.
The distribution of the products takes place directly. A large customer base is available
The sale of the company takes place for reasons of age. The management is available for a transferring activity.

The company deals with trading and processing of light metals. Customers are predominantly from the capital goods industry and appreciate the fast and reliable performance. The product range consists mainly of semi-finished products, to a lesser extent of merchandise and individually manufactured goods (processing) in the light metal sector. Cross-selling effects are a significant concern for metal traders and processors. Sales are made directly by the company. For the time being, the sales area is limited mainly to southern Germany for capacity reasons. Further geographic expansion seems possible.